Konstrundan 7-8.9 11.00-17.00


At Campus Allegro in Jakobstad you find all Novia´s cultural educations under the same roof! The future visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, interior design architects, performing arts educators and musicians all get their degree here.
At the campus´ exhibition space White Box, and in the great hall, experience an exhibition! Some students invite you to their open ateliers on the third floor where you can also find pop-up photo studios and art fairs. In a classroom on the third floor, we will be showing the Art Friday task, an art film suitable for children, encouraging you to be creative. You can take part in a free lottery where you can win art!

Welcome to a big world in a small town!

For more information about the educations at Novia: https://www.novia.fi/novia-uas/


Open ateliers, art fair, Art Friday task and much more!