Glory exhibition 22.11-20.12.2023



The Bank hall, Campus Allegro

Opening 22.11 at 17.30

The paintings of Marika Holm are part of a colourful, expressive tradition from the 1990s onwards. The broad brush strokes with a strong energy are characteristic in Holm’s works.

The oriental carpet fascinates Holm with its beauty bordering on perfection. She has chosen to repetitively research the diamond shape found in an antique rug from the Caucasus. In the paintings the perfect is disassembled to fragments of something that once was. The perfect becomes imperfect.

Through the colourful expression Marika Holm explores the symbolic value of the oriental carpet in our contemporary homes. During the process, questions are raised concerning identification through shopping, through which a placement by taste in a certain social hierarchy is aspired. Old colonial thoughts about the exotic – the other, becomes a theme in the artistic process of creation.

We have well established rules and a canon for what we call good taste, but these are no guarantee for beauty in a broader perspective.

Curator Ingela Bodbacka – Rak

Opening hours

22.11                 17:30-22:00

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Marika Holm, born 1975 in Siuntio, has studied art at Svenska Konstskolan in Uusikaarlepyy, Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu in Helsinki and at Konstfack-University in Stockholm. Marika’s field of work consists mainly of painting as well as pedagogically and socially engaging artistic processes. Holm’s paintings have been exhibited in among other places Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Vilnius, Berlin, and New York and can be found in several collections. At present Holm is working as lecturer in art at Novia University of Applied Sciences in Pietarsaari.