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YA! Vocational Education Training

YA! offers two different basic degree programs in culture in Jakobstad and possibility to study for professions as either a musician or a visual artisan.


The program leads to a basic degree in music and prepares for working as a musician and an entrepreneur. You will also get a general eligibility to higher education. We will help you to develop your musical profile and get closer to your goals. Our skilled and committed teachers offer a stimulating and creative environment. In addition to the goal-oriented studies of your main instrument the program also includes arrangement, composition and entrepreneurship. The optional parts of the exam give the possibility to deepen one’s skills in for example musical ensembles, music technology and production of music.

Co-operation with Vasa svenska aftonläroverk and the net based courses offered by them enables a so-called combination exam. As a musician you will be able to work with different forms of music, in choir, orchestra and other musical ensemble projects, with your own group or as a theater, television or studio musician.
Training as a musician also provides an excellent basis for further studies e.g. at universities or universities of applied sciences.

For additional information, please contact:

Kaj Ahlsved
instructor, music
tel. +358 50 4410 293

Visual artisan

If you like to work with images, color and form, the education of a visual artisan is meant for you. If you are creative, have initiative and are interested in visual communication, the degree program of visual artisan at YA! Is the right choice. The training is broad and extensive, and provides skills in visual arts, painting, sculpture and graphics, as well as the basics of photography, video, computer graphics and graphic design. You can choose your main subject between painting, graphic arts, new visual and media arts or sculpture.
Cooperation with Vasa svenska aftonläroverk and the net based courses offered by them enables a so-called combination exam.
As a visual artisan you can work with visual communication and artistic planning as a member of a design team or as an independent entrepreneur.

For additional information, please contact:
Maria Westerlund (on maternity leave school year 2017-2018)
Coordinator, cultural studies
tel. +358 50 4410 203