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68600 Pietarsaari
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The Wava Institute of the Jakobstad Region

The Music Institute of the Jakobstad Region is for those who are interested in music and would like to learn to play an instrument or to sing. The Music Institute cooperates closely with the degree programmes in music at YA! and Novia UAS.

The Music Institute has, since its founding in 1974, fostered a number of prominent professional musicians. What is most important, though, is that the Institute has given so many people the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and to sing, and consequently, to be able to meet in various orchestras, choirs and groups of different musical genres.

The Music Institute is aimed mainly at children and young people, but adults are also able to study music at the open department at cost price.

For more information visit our website or contact:

Peter Roos
Phone: +358 44 785 1629

Bo-Anders Sandström
Phone: +358 44 365 9292

Kaija Ena
Phone: +358 447851279