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Novia University of Applied Sciences (Novia UAS)

The Jakobstad unit offers education in the field of culture; fine art, graphic design, interior design, photography, performing arts and music, as well as research and development of culture and entrepreneurship.

Around 270 of Novia’s 4000 students study in Jakobstad, while the campus staff consists of 30 persons of the total of 400 employees.

The vision of the Jakobstad unit is to build a strong profile and position for the cultural studies in the Swedish-speaking regions of Finland, and to create an attractive university campus in co-operation with the other educational units.

Schauman Hall, Black box and White box are extraordinary spaces for professionals and students to meet. The acoustics of the Schauman Hall are among the best  in the country, offering fand audiovisual technology, a recording studio and instruments. The intimate Black box, the stage for theater and music, enables close contact between the audience and actors, musicians and other performing artists. The exhibition space, along with the workshops, ateliers and our guest apartments, are all functional spaces for exhibitions, education and the ”Artist in Residence” -activities. The small city will through these spaces become a venue for art of importance, where guest performers, our students and inhabitants of the area will meet each other for common activities rising from a common passion.

For more information, contact:

Sören Lillkung
Head of Department 
Phone. +358 44780 5800

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