In A Changing World

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In A Changing World


In A Changing World is an exhibition done by five bachelor’s students as well as an exchange student at Novia University of Applied Sciences. In the exhibition, it was important for the photographers to challenge themselves and to highlight different contemporary issues around themes such as self-acceptance, social togetherness and challenging stereotypes.

The exhibition consists of various photographs that were made during the fall term 2022 and the spring term of 2023. Included in the exhibition are also photographs that we submitted to the Sony World Photography Awards competition at the end of November last year. The pictures show a positive change in the world, and the photographers have interpreted it in many different unique ways.

In a Changing World is the third year photography students’ third group exhibition. The previous two, AGOS and Unusual to us, were organized in 2021. Some of the students also participated in the exhibition In Media Res in the Pova gallery in Lappo in 2022.

We hope that our photographs give you something to think about and that you get an intriguing experience!

Tamás Dombóvári

Teemu Mustonen

Benjamin Nordberg

Daniela Ström

Cajsa Sundqvist

Eric Söderström