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Novia University of Applied Sciences (Novia UAS)

The Jakobstad unit offers education in the field of culture.
The students in the degree programmes of fine arts, design, media culture and music began their studies in the newly built premises of Campus Allegro in Jakobstad in autumn 2012. The campus offers degree programmes in Fine Arts, Design, Media Culture and Music. The campus also houses the research and development unit in the field of culture. Around 250 of Novia’s 4 000 students study in Jakobstad while the staff consists of 40 persons out of the total staff of 400.

The vision is to build a strong profile and position for the cultural studies in the Finland-Swedish regions, and to create an attractive university campus in cooperation with the Åbo Akademi University and the Centria University of Applied Sciences. The new premises have been designed with the needs of the students in mind, with open spaces which make it easy for students and teachers to meet. The premises are functional and the educational environment creative.

For more information, contact:

Sören Lillkung
Head of Department 
Phone. +358 44780 5800


» Fine arts (

» Photography (

» Graphic design (

» Interior design (

» Music educator (musikpedagog)

» Musician (musiker)

» Baroque advancement (baroque)